FAQ (Troubleshooting)

Error message "Javascript code was missing" after installing the scripts for PSE

If you get this error message it is because the script file, jsx file, has been copied to the wrong location or is in the right location but somehow got renamed. The action and png files are correct, but the jsx file location must be corrected. Double check the path where the jsx file needs to be put. If this is the first script you are installing, there will not be any other files in the folder where the script goes, only other folders.

Do the scripts run automatically?

The scripts do not run automatically. They are just like any other action in photoshop and will not run until you initiate them.

Copy and Close is not copying the layers of my template to my layout.

Copy and Close only works for jpg and png files, not layered psd templates.

What happens if I run Supply Tracker more than once?

Each time you run Supply Tracker, the metadata is overwritten with the new supply list and a new credits layer is created. So, if you run Supply Tracker 3 times, you will have the current list in the metadata and three 'credits' layers. Old credit layers can be deleted before running the script again, to prevent duplicate credit layers.

Error message:
Error 1: Unable to create Window
- Internal error.
Line: 7 var dlgwin = new Window('dialog', 'Scatter Things', )

The error message you are getting ‘Unable to Create a New window’ is not a problem with the scripts.

If you are getting an error message at all, then it is not a problem with how you have installed the scripts.

I have researched this error on-line and it seems to be an Adobe issue that does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. There are people who experience this same error with scripts that come with Adobe software. So, unfortunately, I don’t have a quick and easy answer on how to fix the problem.

Here are some suggestions, found in the Adobe forums:

Change ‘Themes’ (your windows settings for colors etc.)
Close all other applications.
Close and restart Photoshop (some had success after doing this several times)
Some have reported that doing an ultra-clean uninstall and reinstalling in simplified mode with all background services (including anti-virus) helps.

I wish I had a better answer for this particular error, but sometimes computers just do not want to play nice!

When I run Scatter Things in PSE, it only makes one layer or doesn't seem to work at all.

In PSE, your document must contain ONLY layers you want scattered and nothing else. So, if you are scattering five flowers, you should have five layers. Any extra layer, even an empty one, will cause the script not to work.

My scripts not showing up in PSE actions palette

This can happen if the action and png files are not put in the wrong location or if the mediadatabase needs to be rebuilt. See the installation instructions for further details.