Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Instructions - Scripts: Supply Tracker

Before using the script, it must be installed. See the Instructions Page for detailed information on installing scripts in Photoshop and PSE.

Why: To simplify tracking of supplies used on a layout.

What: Copies layer names from a PSD into a list that can be easily edited and used for tracking supplies. Puts the list into the PSD File Info (Meta Data) and adds a 'Credits' text layer to the PSD.

What Else:
● Gets layer information from groups and nested groups.
● Does not record Group names.
● Sorts collected layer names into alphabetical order, making it easy to find and eliminate duplicates from the list.

How: This script works best when each layer in a PSD has a meaningful name, such as the file name of a product. Layer/Product names can be typed in as you go or File>Place can be used to automatically name the layer. The Rename Layer script also works great for renaming layers of items prior to moving them onto a layout. The Copy and Close script will also add the layer names for you when as it copies items to a PSD.

Using the Script:

When the script is run a dialog box will appear giving you an option to include 'Visible Layers Only'. Leave this box checked if you want only visible layers to be included in the supply list. Remove the check mark and the script will include all visible and non-visible layers in the supply list.

Tips for Using Supply Tracker:
1. Use 'Visible Layers Only' to keep non-visible layers from being listed in the credits.
2. Rename Text layers with the font used to include them in credits list.
3. Layer Groups/Names will not be included in credits list.
4. Using File>Place automatically names the layer for you and creates a smart object.
5. Copy and paste brush, action and style names to layers immediately after using (to prevent forgetting later).
6. If a layer uses a brush and a style or action, simply include both in the layer name and edit the credits list after running the script.

When finished, Supply Tracker creates a new text layer at the top of your PSD called 'Credits' containing the list created from the layer names. This list can easily be edited in Photoshop or copied and pasted to the software of your choice for editing. The same list is also pasted in the Description section of File>File Info.

Additional tip: After using the 'Credits' layer to modify and clean up your supply list, copy and paste the updated version to File>File Info – Description so that the modified list will be saved to any JPG files created from the original.

Supplies used in sample layout from:
Christy VanderWall
Acrylic Rainbow Cooties
Good Times
Rainbows and Sunshine
Actions from Atomic Cupcake


  1. It is such a relief to read your clear-cut directions for this script. I really appreciate the time you expended to create, organize, and then upload to your blog for our personal use. Again, thank you.

  2. Genius idea! Thank you so much for sharing this script!

  3. thank you SO SO much for offering these!

  4. Thank you so much for these awesome scripts!!! I saw a link to your site from Pink Lime Creations.
    Otherwise I may have never found these fantastic scripts, because I didn't know that these things could be done with a script :o).

  5. thanks very much! I will use your script for all of my pages! thanks, thanks, thanks

  6. I have this action installed in PSE8. It runs properly about once every ten layouts. Most of the time I get an error message. Do you have any answers?

  7. Thanks Christy!

    What a marvellous action! I found your page by googling "CVW supply tracker" after seeing it listed in the credits in a gallery post. I've just downloaded it and used it for the first time on one of my layouts. I already label my Photoshop layers by file name so I can keep track of the elements and photos I use, so this fits in perfectly with the way I already do things - and will save me a lot of time when I need to make a list of credits.

    VERY much appreciated.
    God bless,

  8. I also have PSE8 (still!) and wonder if your credits script will work with TIF files? I've converted all my PSD files to TIF to save room.

  9. I have recently bought PSE12 & am using Windows. I was wondering if you have a compatible script for this as each time I try to run it I get a Java Script error even though Java is installed on the computer. One symbol that appears in the effects said it was not compatible with this version of PSE. Should I be using the PS version instead?

  10. Thanks... I noticed this in someone's supply list. It looks like a great tool!

  11. I send so many people over here to use this! Thank you again!

  12. OMG this is just awesome! Thanks!