Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Layout Anatomy - Session 6

Lord knows my digi-stash is more than plentiful, but when I saw this beautiful collection and read about the story behind it...I couldn't resist buying it!!

Photo Notes: Don't forget to capture the little details! These pictures in the woods behind our house were taken in a matter of minutes, as my daughter was a bit timid about climbing on the log. When I was able to look through them, I was so happy I had snapped a picture of her cute little toes and flip-flops walking on the log.

Layout Notes:  Blending a photo into the background of a layout can sometimes be a happy compromise between lots of white space and the desire to make the most of every inch of the page.

I actually really liked this layout without the background photo. The white space really drew the eye to the pops of pink in the photos. However, there was just something about that particular photo and expression that made me want to include it in the layout. Putting it 'full strength' caused the layout to be too busy and left no focal point. By reducing the opacity to 30%, the focus fell back to the photos on the right and the background photo became a more subtle complement to the main photos.

Hope  your day is blessed! :)


  1. beautiful lo.. sad but lovely to know who helped someone out by purchasing the wonderful collection... love how you showed the different versions and why

  2. Wonderful layout and as a fan of more I like the one with the background photo as it just makes it all work so well together and ties in the pink.

  3. I love this layout! It's so pretty and the photos you captured are precious. What great memories to scrap. :) Beautiful!

  4. I love this! Can't believe how long Sage's hair is getting!

  5. Christy, this is so beautiful! I love the cute photos and the creative way you used them. Fun story that Sage will love when she is older!