Monday, November 15, 2010

CU Grunged Layer Styles

I am a details person. It's often little things on a layout that make a big difference to me. One detail that I love is the impact a little 'grunge' can have on something...particularly text or titles that are right on the background paper.

Here is an example. On the left layout, the title is plain and on the right the title has been 'grunged'. It isn't a huge difference, but I definitely like the one on the right much better.

To get this look, I would typically use a grunge brush to erase or 'mask' parts of the layer. To simplify the grunging process, I finally made myself some layer styles! If you would like to add them to your stash, you can purcahse them below! :)

Grunged Layer Styles (CU) - $3
 (Download links will be sent to your paypal email within 24 hours of purchase)

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