Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project Joy 365 - January Part Four

Can you believe it is already February?? I can't believe how fast January flew by! I am thankful to still be on track with my 365 project. One month down, eleven to go!! :D

Here is my fourth and final layout for January.

1 - My little kitchen helper. 2- Experimenting with balloon powered paper airplanes. 3 - Backwards night. 4 - Visiting with the duck. 5 - First snow fire. 6 - Sunday afternoon photowalk. 7 - The chickens come out to greet us on our photowalk. 8 - Preparing to make winter suncatchers.

"2011 - January - Part Four" digital scrapbook layout by Christy VanderWall uses:

How are you doing on your project? Have you been able to think of things to take pictures of each day? Here is the list of prompts I used for the the first four weeks of the year (taken from the Project Joy 365 - Tool Kit). Maybe they will give you some ideas for the next month.

Week 1 (January 1 – 7)
  • New Years morning - house a mess? Have a party?
  • What brought you joy this week….
  • Where is the mess right now at your house?
  • Exercise Shoes
  • TV
  • Sign with gas prices
Week 2 (January 8-14)
  • Kids together (or separate) in same spot - maybe with a measuring stick? 
  • Kids/pets sleeping in bed
  • Kids/pets napping
  • Pet(s) - playing, with kids, outside
  • Who or What are you thankful for today
  • Self portrait
 Week 3 (January 15 – 21)
  • Kids Winter shoes
  • What brought you joy this week…
  • Your purse or bag
  • House from the outside - winter
  • Kids Bedroom
  • Where do you buy groceries/shop
Week 4 (January 22 – 28) 
  • Today, your child could not live without….
  • Who or What are you thankful for today
  • What brought you joy this week….
  • Heirlooms - things passed down in the family
  • Computer
I didn't get to all of them on the list, but I'm sure I will pick up the missed ones later in the year! Using the handy checklist in my FLIP BOOK will make it so much easier to go back and see which pictures I still want to take!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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