Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Joy 365 - February Part Two

Somehow February flew by and it's already March! Not sure how that happened! :) We ended our Month with a fun family get away and now it's time to get caught back up on this project!

I normally work on my layout as I go, adding a photo to the page almost nightly. I didn't do that this time, and felt like it was a lot harder to put the layout together. Things seem to flow better when I work on it a little bit at a time. I think I will definitely go back to the nightly approach for the next one!

1 - I still enjoy playing with scissors and glue - working on a scripture verse flipbook. 2 - February moon. 3 - Found the girls together reading while they let me sleep in a bit on a snow day. 4 - Valentine’s breakfast for the girls. 5 - My favorite way to start and end the day, a hot cup of tea. 6 - Regan’s valentines for school. 7 - Celebrating Sage’s 5th birthday with ice cream and brownies before bed. 8 - Making paper mache on our snow day. 9 - The girls bust a move on Wii, Just Dance. 10 - The girls and I are loving freeze dried fruit. 11 - ‘Love notes’ passed at bedtime.

"2011 - February - Part Two" digital scrapbook layout by Christy VanderWall uses:

How is your 365 project going? I would love to see!!

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  1. You're doing an awesome job keeping up! I like the idea of working on it nightly! I'm going to try that because I know I'm mentally making this thing way bigger than it needs to be.