Monday, June 20, 2011

Catching Up

I have finally had the time, motivation and creative mojo to get my 365 project caught back up. Here is the latest.

1 - April Fools Daddy! The girls decorated your car windows. 2 & 3 - Spring Break fun - painting a plate at Your Plate or Mine. 4 - Bald Eagle spotted in the back yard.  5 - More spring break fun - painting freezer paper t-shirts. 6 - Cardinal caught yawning in the tree by the deck. 7 -Finished plate ready for eating! 8 - Regan’s last spring break excitement - getting her ears pierced!

"2011 - April - Part one" digital scrapbook layout by Christy VanderWall uses:

1 - The girls look so beautiful and happy in their new  Easter clothes. 2 - Dying Easter Eggs. 3 - Shelby adjusts to her new home in the girls bedroom. 4 - No cancer found on my mammogram. 5 - Sage has fun painting my toes. 6 - The duck waits for Marley to come out and play. 7 - Winter decided to reappear. 8 - Eight days after the snow, it’s warm enough out for fishing.

"2011 - April - Part two" digital scrapbook layout by Christy VanderWall uses:

1 & 2 - The girls have a great time at Kinderplaatz in Holland on Mother’s day. 3 - Regan nominates me as Time magazine ‘Mother of the Year’.  4 - Paul plants my favorite flowers - gerber daisies - in the planters on the porch. 5 - The ornamental pears are such a beautiful sign of spring arriving. 6 - Regan loved the horse rides at celebration day at Jeffers. 7 - Fishing in the pond - another sign spring and warmer weather have arrived. 8 - Bubbles are always sure to bring smiles. 9 - Sage washes the windows in style. 10 - Mommy takes a trip to Atlanta and visits the zoo.

"2011 - May" digital scrapbook layout by Christy VanderWall uses:


  1. Gorgeous P365 pages! BTW, I enabled your amazing photoshop scripts at TLP today. I just love your Copy/Close (which I downloaded a very long time ago), and I've since modified it to no longer resize the copied layers down, but other than that, it is just as you wrote it. Such a time saver! Thank you for your scripts!!