Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Start Tips - Photoshop Elements

OK! As promised, here are some additional tips for using the Quick Start collages in Photoshop Elements.

One way to use them in PSE is very similar to the Photoshop method that I outlined in the previous post - using the 'Paste Into Selection' option. One key difference using this method in PSE vs. Photoshop is that PSE does not create a layer mask when you use this option. No layer mask just means it isn't 'quite' as easy to go back later and change the way a photo appears, but this method is still very useful!!

Here is the 'Paste Into' method in PSE:

Put the collage on your layout.
Put your photo on your layout.
Move/Resize your photo to roughly where you want it to go.

Select your photo layer in the layers palette.
Press Ctrl-A (Cmd-A) to select all.
Press Ctrl-X (Cmd-X) to delete the photo (don't worry, it is still on the clipboard!!)

Note - if for some reason your photo layer is a smart object, you will need to 'simplify' it before Ctrl-X will work. To do this - put your cursor over the photo layer in the layers palette, right click and select 'Simplify Layer'.

Select the collage layer in the layers palette.
Press 'W' to select the magic wand tool.
Use the wand tool to select the part(s) of the collage you want to use.

Select your photo layer (which is empty right now).
Select Edit>Paste Into Selection (or Shift+Ctrl+V) to paste the photo into the selected area. (At this point, your marching ants will change to the shape of your photo instead of your collage selection - that's ok!)

With the marching ants still on, press Ctrl-T (Cmd-T) to transform the selection. This will allow you to change, move, resize how the image is displayed within the area you selected from the collage.
Press Enter to accept the transformation.

Note: At this point, with the marching ants still on, you can do another transformation (Ctrl-T) if you aren't happy with what is showing. Once you are done with this photo and move onto the next one, you will not be able to do this transformation process again. If you wanted to change a photo later, you would simply start the process over for that photo.

Press Ctrl-D (Cmd-D) to remove the marching ants.
Repeat for any additional photos or papers.

Other tips for the Quick Start Collages:

For other ideas on how to combine collage sections or use more than one section at a time, see the last part of the Photoshop tutorial. The same techniques outlined there will work in PSE as well.

Another way to use the Quick Start Collages would be to turn them into a layered template.

To make layers from the different collage sections:

Select the collage layer.
Press 'W' to select the magic wand tool.
Use the Magic Wand Tool to select a part of the collage.
Press Ctrl-J (Cmd-J) to copy the selection to its own layer.
Repeat for the other sections of the collage.

When you are finished, you will have a more traditional 'Layered Template' and can use the individual layers as clipping masks.

And, before you go! Here is some more inspiration, brought to you by my friend Chanell. :)

'Growing Up' by Chanell Rigterink uses:
Falling Leaves Kit by SAS Designs
Template: QuickStarts 2 by Christy VanderWall
Fonts: Porcelain, Carbon Type

'How to Become a Ballerina' by Chanell Rigterink
Digital Kit: Doodle Doo by SAS Designs
Template: QuickStarts 1 by Christy VanderWall
Fonts: Kwekel, Teacher’s Pet

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your day is extremely blessed! :)

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