Friday, October 1, 2010

Quick Start Tips - Photoshop

Ok, so you've downloaded the Quick Start pages. Now what? Here are some tips for using them in Photoshop. If you are a PSE user, please don't start crying just yet! You can probably learn a thing or two here and I will do a separate PSE post later, ok?? :)

Like everything in Photoshop, I am sure there are a million and one ways you can use these collages. I am just going to show you a few basic things that I do with them.

My favorite thing to do with the collages is fill the sections with photos and papers. This gives me a huge jump start on my layouts.

Here is how I do that:

Put the collage on your layout.
Open your photo and press Ctrl-A (Cmd A) to select All
Press Ctrl-C (Cmd C) to copy the contents of your photo
Press Ctrl -W (Cmd W) to close your photo (don't worry, the contents are still on the 'clipboard')
Select the Magic Wand Tool (W).
Check the 'Contiguous' box in the tool bar.
Select the collage layer in the layers palette.
Use the Magic wand to select the desired part of the collage - giving marching ants around the selection.

Select Edit>Paste Special>Paste Into (or Alt+Shift+Ctrl+V if you can remember that shortcut! LOL!)

This will put your photo on a new layer on your document, using your selection as a layer mask.

Press Ctrl-T (Cmd T) and transform (resize/move) your photo until it appears as desired.

Press Enter to accept/commit the transformation.
Click between the photo and mask in the layers palette to link them - a paper clip will reappear.
Repeat for other photos and papers.

Other tips for this method:

Select more than one box from the collage and use it as a mask for a photo or paper, using the same method as above.

Combine parts of the collage to make a larger area for a photo or paper:

Use the magic want tool to select one of the sections you want to combine.
Press Ctrl-T (Cmd-T) to transform the selection.
Stretch the selected box until the gap between the two parts of the collage is eliminated.
Press Enter to accept the transformation.
Repeat, if necessary.

Use the new combined section as a mask using the steps above.

Hope this gives you some help in making speedy layouts with these collages! Be sure to share your creations with me! :)


  1. You taught me something new again!!

  2. You taught me something new too!! Alt+shift+control+v :D